Executive search

Every business requires an effective leadership team at the top. Itelco’s Executive Search team has partnered many well-known and demanding businesses, in the pursuit of building high-performance leadership teams.

Our Executive Search services are led exclusively by the Managing Partners and Senior Management of Itelco. Using the extensive collective expertise within this team, our selection services help companies of all sizes to run their business smarter and achieve success through leadership talent.

The approach to each assignment is carefully planned and our strategy for the search of candidates is discussed in detail with each client. The assignment is led by a Senior Management profile from Itelco who compiles a delivery team consisting of Researchers and Knowledge Experts, all with proven industry experience in their sector. This knowledge, combined with extensive personal and corporate networks gives Itelco access to a wealth of international leadership talent.

Searches can be conducted in three ways:


Where the search for talent is limited to in-country candidates. This is most appropriate when local market knowledge (of competitors, culture, languages, etc.) will be essential in order for the candidate to be successful in their new role.


Where the search is open to candidates from the international marketplace. This type of search is most appropriate when languages and culture are not a barrier and when a broader international business exposure or specific outside market knowledge would be desirable in a candidate.


Where the search is open to candidates from the international marketplace to fill an overseas position. This type of search is most appropriate when the overseas position is located in a market lacking the appropriate industry expertise (for example, a pioneering start-up) or when a specific new business culture needs to be implemented from outside of the market.

An Executive Search partnership with Itelco is straightforward and transparent; the team that conducts the mission start-up will be the one that carries out the search & selection of candidates. Using some of the top talent within our own business ensures that we consistently deliver the best results and the best candidates for our clients.


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